FPD Automatic
Optical Inspection

Integrated into 400 AOI systems worldwide, CoreFlow’s air floating solutions provide consistent and reliable handling of glass substrates with superior flatness performance and air gap accuracy of ±5µm....more >>

Slit Coating

Installed at world-leading fabs, our air floating system delivers exceptional dynamic ±5μm air gap accuracy at the process zone, providing unmatched reliability with significantly improved coating quality...more >>


FPD & Photovoltaic
Fab Automation

Our air floating based conveying and handling solutions enable the transportation of substrates with minimal contact between the glass substrate and the conveyor, resulting in low impact on the glass and low TACT...more >>

FPD & Photovoltaic

These off-the-shelf components allow equipment integrators to significantly shorten product development cycles by using proven, industry-leading conveying and supporting modules...more >>

Photovoltaic Thin Film
Laser Scribing

Integrated in numerous thin film solar production lines, the CoreFlow airbed delivers outstanding floating stiffness for glass substrates of any size and weight, enabling the most accurate and reliable scribing process...more >>

Photovoltaic Crystalline
Wafer Singulation

A fully automated, inline solar wafer separation system, SingFlow provides a throughput of up to 3000 wafers per hour, dramatically boosting line yield and lowering photovoltaic wafer production costs...more >>