Eric Joely, CEO

Eric joined CoreFlow in 2007 for the position of VP Sales and Marketing. On December 2012 after 5 and a half years, Eric was appointed to CEO. Prior to that, he held various business development, sales and marketing positions at Tower Semiconductor, Intel DHG (previously, Oplus Technologies), and Surf Communications Solutions. Eric holds a BSc in mechanical engineering from the Technion, Israel and an MBA from Haifa University.


Dr. Boaz Nishri, CTO

Boaz joined CoreFlow as CTO in 2007. Prior to that, he was VP R&D at CorAssist Ltd. and CTO at MindGuard Ltd - both medical devices companies. Earlier, Boaz was a research associate at Tel Aviv University Faculty of Engineering, where he supervised experimental research on aerodynamics. Boaz holds an MA and PhD in engineering from Tel Aviv University, where he carried out research and wrote a software program for the Aerodynamics Laboratory for air velocity measurements in a turbulent flow.


Alon Segal, VP R&D

Alon Joined Coreflow in 2016 as VP R&D. Alon brings vast experience with global organizations spanning various mechanical engineering leadership positions, project management and development of multi-disciplinary systems.

Over the past eight years, Alon worked at Carestream Helth in various technical leadership roles and as TPM in the medical space.

Prior to joining Carestream, Alon served as a project manager for electro-optical equipment at CI-Systems and as the mechanical department manager at ADT for the semiconductor industry.

Alon holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion, a MBA from the University of Haifa and is PMP certified from the PMI Organization.

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