The Flat Panel Display (FPD) Market

Driven by end-user demands for increased product quality and lower costs, FPD manufacturers are constantly searching for improved process and fab automation equipment. In addition, larger and thinner glass substrates (G7, G8, G10) and more complex processes present ongoing precision and handling challenges for equipment manufacturers.
CoreFlow addresses these challenges by providing high-performance floating solutions that handle and convey glass substrates of any size and weight with maximum reliability, precise Z positioning, glass flatness and with minimal maintenance requirements. Our solutions are used by many leading fabs, including Sharp, Samsung, LGD, AUO, CMO, IPS Alpha, and more.

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

Our air floating solution integrates into AOI systems, providing consistent and reliable handling of glass substrates with maximum positioning accuracy above and between the aeromechanical rails.  We guarantee glass flatness and air gap accuracy along the inspection line.

Slit Coating

Our air floating stage ensures exceptional glass flatness accuracy of ±5µm under the coating slit. Manufactured from a single platform, the air floating stage can measure 3.5 meters in length without any seams, preventing Mura effect.

Fab Automation

Our air floating systems ensure smooth glass handling in both linear and vertical planes, and enable the loading, unloading, rotating and conveying of glass substrates of all weights and sizes.