The Photovoltaic Market

The photovoltaic (PV) industry has been experiencing a growth rate of over 35% in the last decade – driven by world’s urgent need for clean and renewable energies (source: ABI Research). While the cost of photovoltaic manufacturing has been steadily declining, it still remains one of the top barriers to wider adoption of photovoltaic energy systems.
CoreFlow focuses on delivering PV manufacturing solutions that reduce PV module costs through automating and optimizing key processes, resulting in reduced costs and increased productivity and production yield.

We address the following challenges facing manufacturers in the photovoltaic market:

Crystalline solar wafer separation

Following wire sawing, wafers must be separated before final cleaning. Traditionally, this sensitive process is performed manually as wafers tend to stick together. Apart from being labor intensive, wafers have a high risk of breakage, reducing yield. As wafers become thinner, this process becomes even more wasteful. Our SingleFlow system provides stress-free wafer singulation, with a fully automated process.

Thin film laser scribing

Different thin film technologies require one to three laser scribing stages along the thin film solar cell manufacturing process. To reach volume production with high quality scribing, manufacturers must address multiple issues – one of which is precise, non-contact handling of glass substrates. Our unique, high-performance air floating systems enable glass handling in laser scribing machines, ensuring non contact glass conveying at a speed higher than 2m/sec.

Wafer handling

As wafers become thinner and throughput and speed requirements increase, wafer handling becomes more complicated. Providing full surface support, with low stress and impact, is extremely challenging. This critical need is addressed by GripFlow, our novel wafer gripper that can be integrated into any convening and handling equipment such as robots, and any load/ unload devices.