Components for FPD and PV Manufacturing

CoreFlow’s off-the-shelf components allow flat panel display and photovoltaic (PV) equipment integrators to significantly shorten product development cycles. Using our proven, industry-leading components, you can build a wide range of FPD and PV related systems and benefit from an exceptionally easy and quick integration.
hybrid rail wafer gripper preload spring

Our component offering includes:

Conveying and supporting PA rails
Enable air floating and non-contact substrate handling solutions for the most demanding applications and environments. These Pressure Atmosphere (PA) rails offer superior price-performance and excellent cost of ownership.

Hybrid PA/PV rails
Deliver high flatness and stiffness in the process zone area by providing an excellent integration between PA (Pressure Atmosphere) and PV (Pressure Vacuum). Hybrid PA/PV rails are particularly suitable for demanding high-precision applications such as coating and optical inspection.

An all-surface support wafer gripper with minimal contact that can be integrated into any conveying and handling system for PV manufacturing, such as robots, and any load/unload devices.

Air supply interface
Our pneumatic design minimizes the amount of pressure vacuum ports, and multiple configurations enable a perfect fit for your system needs

Preloaded adjustment springs
For the convenient and accurate alignment of the aeromechanical platform.