Hybrid PA/PV Rails

CoreFlow hybrid PA/PV rails are ideal for designing a precision glass handling stage. The rails’ Pressure Atmosphere (PA) area enables the loading and unloading of glass substrates, while the Pressure Vacuum (PV) area supports accurate motion under the process zone (inspection line). Our Hybrid rails offer a high degree of substrate position stiffness with much larger air gaps – a critical feature when handing glass that is not perfectly flat.
Hybrid rails are available in a wide range of dimensions and PA/PV configurations. This maximizes your flexibility to design systems according to exact specifications, including single and double inspection slits.

Hybrid PA/PV Rails key features and benefits:

  • High stiffness PV nozzles ensure ±10µm air gap accuracy at the inspection line (on top and between the rails).
  • Long, single-module-based design:

    • Very few pressure and vacuum connections (one kind per rail)
    • Very few adjustment springs (two adjustment screws every ~800mm)
    • Simple interface to system’s base structure
    • Stable top surface flatness of ±10µm on the PV zone
  • Low air consumption (pressure and vacuum)
  • High durability against mechanical hazards (scratches, dust and fluids)
  • Can be connected to pumps or CDA
  • Rails based system - enables a simple interface to robot loading / unloading of the glass