Air-floating Conveying Solutions for Fab Automation

CoreFlow’s air floating based conveying and handling solutions for fab automation enable the transportation of substrates with minimal contact between the glass substrate and the conveyor, resulting in low impact on the glass and low TACT.

Our air cushion motion systems enable the loading, unloading, conveying and gripping of glass substrates of all weights and sizes, with precise positioning and flattening. Multiple mounting and configuration options ensure our solutions accurately and economically fit into any manufacturing line.
The conveying solutions are powered by a Vacuum Pre-Loaded (VPL) friction drive enabling high acceleration regardless of substrate weight. VPL enables linear, vertical, rotation and divert conveying.

Key features and benefits for fab automation:

  • Higher process quality
  • High acceleration and substrate speed
  • Increased yield and throughput
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Low glass impact
  • Minimal contact between conveyor and glass