Linear Conveying Module

The linear conveying module is based on our Pressure Atmosphere (PA) rails for glass floatation and Vacuum Pre Load (VPL) motion drive for the XY motion.

PA rails are used to float the glass while ensuring there is no contact between the glass and the rails. Rails are provided in any length, based on the system requirements. 

The VPL motion drive system provides a vacuum pre-loaded friction drive enabling high acceleration regardless of substrate weight. VPL conveying can also be used as a secondary motion system for loading/unloading. Switching the VPL vacuum nozzles ON activates the system, while switching the nozzles OFF disables it, without the need to move the wheels up and down. VPL conveying provides the following key advantages:

  • Mountable in any location on the platform with various configurations
  • High acceleration with friction force control (~ 1m/sec²)
  • High process speed (1.5m/sec)
  • Minimal calibration requirements
  • No edge-impact with wheels during glass approach
  • No up-down motions for on/off switching
  • Minimal glass deformation (~0.1mm)