Air Floating Solutions for PV Laser Scribing

CoreFlow provides advanced floating solutions for solar thin film laser scribing. Supplying outstanding floating stiffness for glass substrates of any size and weight, the CoreFlow airbed enables the most accurate and reliable scribing process.
Thin film PV Laser_Scribing
The air floating platform is based on our unique Air Cushion and Smart Nozzles technologies, which ensures precise positioning and flattening of the glass substrates.

Our advanced floating platform is integrated in more than 100 production lines of thin film solar modules, providing them with high-precision air gap performance for a repeatable and accurate scribing process.

Key features and benefits for PV laser scribing:

  • Air gap accuracy (±25μm)
  • Higher process quality
  • Improved throughput
  • High stiffness PV zone for strong bi-directional clamping and stability
  • Nominal air-gap at process zone: 60~80µm
  • Low air consumption (pressure and vacuum)
  • Simple interface to system structure
  • High durability against mechanical hazards (scratches, dust and fluids)
  • High air gap (over 300 µm) with low air consumption at loading and unloading zones enables handling of deformed glass