SingFlow™ – Automated Solar Wafer Singulation

SingFlow is a fully automated, inline solar wafer separation system for crystalline PV manufacturing. With a throughput of up to 3000 wafers per hour, SingFlow dramatically increases productivity, boosts line yield, and lowers production costs of photovoltaic wafers.
SingFlow leverages the advanced technology and know-how used to develop SmartNozzles, by introducing PureShear™ – a unique stress-free singulation technology. PureShear places minimal contact force on the wafers and ensures fast and reliable solar wafer separation with minimal breakage rates.

The SingFlow system supports multiple output configurations, enabling automatic delivery of wafers to lane-based cleaning systems or to cassette.

SingFlow solar wafer singulation key features and benefits:

  • Stress-free wafer singulation with minimal manipulations – minimizes breakage rates
  • Fully automated process, loading of complete carrier and direct unloading to cleaning lanes or cassette, without manual intervention
  • Automatic compensation for wafer thickness variations – ensures wafers are separated one by one
  • Modular output options to five-lane cleaning systems or to cassette
  • 3000 wafer/hour throughput
  • Less than 0.25% breakage rate