SmartNozzles™ technology is at the heart of CoreFlow's non-contact air floating solutions. Through their vertical flow pattern and innovative aerodynamic design, SmartNozzles precisely control the flow of air, gas or liquid, and produce an exceptionally stiff and stable air cushion – significantly stiffer than porous material-based technologies. This, in turn, enables multiple handling and conveying solutions that deliver outstanding performance for flat panel display AOI, FPD slit coating, photovoltaic laser scribing and other precision manufacturing applications.

SmartNozzles can be arranged in numerous configurations to form air cushions with various support accuracies, clamping forces, and other characteristics. The SmartNozzle fluid blocking mechanism maintains a uniform flow with a mass flow rate of 1/10 to 1/100 of a conventional nozzle.

SmartNozzles behave like stiff return springs. When the gap is reduced, the exit pressure is significantly increased and vice versa. A typical SmartNozzle array is 100 times stiffer than a vehicle spring.

SmartNozzles key features and benefits:

  • High internal pressure drop
  • Low mass flow rate
  • Independent behavior of each nozzle
  • No moving parts, for enhanced reliability and durability
  • Fast response time