VPL Motion

The Vacuum Pre-Load (VPL) is a high-speed, high acceleration motion system technology that enables the conveyance and loading of any glass substrate regardless of its weight.
The VPL motion system is most suitable as an interface between wheel conveyers and the air floating stage. The system's ability to switch drive force vacuum on and off minimizes glass deformation while the glass approaches the processing system, without any impact on the wheels.

VPL Motion key features and benefits:

  • Simple structure with minimal amount of surface contact
  • No up/down motion for on/off switching
  • Minimal glass deformation (~0.1mm)
  • High acceleration (~ 1m/sec², independent of glass weight)
  • High process speed (1.5m/sec), resulting in lower TACT
  • Minimal calibration requirements for minimal maintenance downtime
  • No edge-impact with wheels during glass approach